AALSTEM consists of a group of established technical professionals that is focused on encouraging and supporting the Latino youth in pursuing careers in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. We are also committed to further developing Latino professionals in an effort to improve their careers and help realize their full potential. We strive to achieve our mission through leadership, mentorship, education, and by hosting professional development activities and networking events.

AALSTEM launched on April 13th, 2016 and currently has approximately 30 members. In an effort to achieve its mission, AALSTEM has accomplished the following in 2016:

  • Officially partnered with Columbia University to provide high potential Latinas to its new Girls in STEM program. The Columbia Girls in STEM initiative prepares motivated High School girls from typically underrepresented populations for STEM studies in college. Through our official partnership, AALSTEM was able to solicit Talented High School minorities girls to join this new program. In addition, AALSTEM is providing professional mentors and speakers to work with the program.
  • In an effort to foster engagement of the young Latino generation and spark interests in the field of STEM, members of AALSTEM participated in Career Day at:
    1. Esperanza Preparatory Academy
    2. H.S. 190 – Russell Sage
    3. The Mott Hall School
    4. Veritas Academy
  • Successfully referred talented individuals to join Con Edison’s summer intern program. A program designed to afford undergraduates an opportunity to render services in their specific backgrounds while learning how to operate in a professional environment. Two of the referred candidates went on to secure permanent positions within Con Edison.
  • Partnered with the NYC Office of Appointments and the NYC School Construction Authority to serve as a conduit to connect Latino professionals with Job opportunities within various NYC agencies.
  • Organization featured in Latin Trends on August, 2016.