Membership is free for students, but since we’re so focused in achieving our mission; we will ask students to provide community services. What I’ve done is to put task force together to look at appropriate levels of membership dues and give a projection of how many members we’ll have in the near future. We need committed people to make an impact in the lives of our communities. The launch is also part of looking for talented people to populate our committees and participate in our strategic planning. If we put our best people and minds together, we will see progress. This cannot be the work of one individual but many; and I’m certain that we’ll succeed.

Absolutely, if you believe in the mission and you know can render your services in supporting our goals, then anyone can join regardless of race, gender, religious belief, etc.

Those looking to join can reach us at our website. We have an easy to fill out form where users can request additional information, sponsor, or request to become active members.

Currently this organization is self-funded. We will look at research grants with a goal of advancing students in STEM. We will partner with other orgs to leverage our expertise and knowledge and we will look, when it makes sense, to partner with socially responsibly corporations that share the same vision of advancing Latino’s in STEM.

By being present as role models, by caring, by providing support services and these may vary from community to community. The effort will be dedicated and focused. We will provide unique opportunities such as having students meet with business leaders.

We have a network of established Latino professionals that are of first generation and as a result bring our experiences and challenges that we had to face in order to achieve our personal goals. As such, we will also look to leverage and work in tandem with similar organizations to make a much needed impact on the Latino community with respects to pursuing careers in STEM. The hope is that the next generation listens to our message in an effort to increase our numbers.